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Amendment 4 Would Block Higher Taxes for Consumers — and Maybe Block Rex Sinquefield, Too

November 7, 2016

Jessica Machetta - Riverfront Times

Cigarette tax increases, voter I.D., and campaign contribution limits have gotten the lion’s share of media attention this election cycle. Not so much Amendment 4, the “Taxpayer Protection Amendment,” but both supporters and opponents agree it’s a measure that could have massive financial implications for consumers and small businesses alike…

Yes on Proposition 4

November 6, 2016

Letter to the Editor - Southeast Missourian

Please vote “Yes on Proposition 4” on Tuesday’s ballot. Prop 4 will amend the state constitution to stop any future attempt to place a sales tax on services in Missouri. Services that could be subject to a sales tax include, but are not limited to, the following: haircuts, day care, lawn care, services of dentists, physicians, attorneys, mechanics, accountants, bankers and realtors…

Forget emails and insults: Some voters are talking haircuts

November 4, 2016

Meagan Miller - News-Press Now

In addition to a close presidential race, Missouri voters may also be concerned with the future of local sales taxes. The Show-Me State is the first and only state where voters will consider The Taxpayer Protection Amendment, also known as Amendment Four. The amendment would prohibit the state government from adding sales tax to services such as haircuts, doctor visits, real estate and home repairs…

OUR VIEW: Our thoughts on the decisions to be made

November 3, 2016

Editorial - Lake News Online

Amendment 4 Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to prohibit a new state or local sales/use or other similar tax on any service or transaction that was not subject to a sales/use or similar tax as of January 1, 2015? YES This is one we can get behind without a second thought. It calls for an increase in sales tax on a variety of services provided by businesses that are our friends and neighbors.

State Realtors among those who back Amendment 4

November 1, 2016

Cindy Fox-Griffey - St.Louis Post-Dispatch

A consumer-friendly proposal will appear on Missouri’s Nov. 8 general election ballot. It is Amendment 4, The Taxpayer Protection Amendment, which will protect Missourians from new sales taxes on services we use every day…

Voters to decide whether to ban sales tax on services like haircuts and car repairs

November 1, 2016

Alexis Zotos - KMOV

Voters will take to the polls next week to decide whether to prohibit sales tax on services like haircuts, pet grooming and car repairs. Amendment 4 would alter the Missouri Constitution and prohibit any new state or local sales tax on services or transactions. The confusing part is a ‘yes’ vote on the amendment means you are against new taxes…

Missouri Voters to Weigh Ban on Expanding Sales Tax to Services

October 29, 2016

Jeff Roberson - Associated Press

Missouri voters will be the first in the nation to decide whether to amend their state Constitution to prohibit sales taxes from being expanded to services like car repairs, haircuts, legal work and financial accounting…

Tax on a haircut? Missouri voters weigh sales tax limits

October 28, 2016

David A. Lieb - Associated Press

Missouri voters will be the first in the nation to decide whether to amend their state constitution to prohibit sales taxes from being expanded to services such as auto repairs, haircuts, legal work and financial accounting…

Understanding the ballot language on Missouri Amendment 4

October 27, 2016

Betsey Bruce - Fox 2 St. Louis

In addition to national and federal elections, Missouri voters will decide November 8 whether to prevent future sales taxes from being levied on services ranging from daycare to haircuts, landscaping, accounting, and even health care. Amendment 4 to the Missouri Constitution would limit new state or local sales taxes on any services or transactions that were not subject to such taxes on January 1, 2015…

If you don’t want new taxes on services, vote yes (Amendment 4)

October 27, 2016

Phil Cobb - Maryville Daily Forum

I will call your attention to three issues on the ballot that require close attention — Proposition A, Amendment 3, and Amendment 4…

Realtors launch campaign for taxpayer protection amendment

October 27, 2016

Amy Patterson - Daily Journal Online

Along with choosing a new president, a new governor and other state and local officials, Missouri voters will also be deciding on a variety of other issues, including Amendment 4 — the “taxpayer protection amendment.”

Ballot Measures On The November 8 Election

October 22, 2016

Bob Gough - Lee's Summit Tribune

Do you think your taxes are too low and need to be raised? Do you think your taxes are too high and need to be lowered?

Our View: Yes on Amendment 4

October 12, 2016

Editorial - The Joplin Globe

Missouri voters in less than a month will decide a proposed constitutional amendment that would bar state or local governments from imposing any new sales or use taxes on the purchase of services in the state…

St. Louis Realtors rally for passage of taxpayer protection amendment

October 11, 2016

Fox 2 - St. Louis

St. Louis realtors rallied Tuesday in Kirkwood for a yes vote on Amendment 4 next month. Amendment 4 is the taxpayer protection amendment. It would amend the Missouri constitution so that there could never be a sales tax on services. Supporters say for the last seven legislative sessions a tax on services has been proposed and defeated…

Nov. 8 Ballot Measure Protects Missourians From New Taxes On Every Day Services

October 6, 2016

Scott Charton - Inside Columbia Magazine

A business-friendly proposal will appear on Missouri’s Nov. 8 general election ballot: Amendment 4, The Taxpayer Protection Amendment, which will protect Missouri consumers and businesses from a new sales tax on services we all use every day…

Local Realtors voice support for Amendment 4

October 6, 2016

Nicole Cooke - Sedalia Democrat

Local realtors are urging Missouri voters to vote yes on Amendment 4 on the Nov. 8 ballot, which if passed could prevent Missourians from paying sales tax on services…

Amendment 4 ballot measure would ban sales taxes on services

September 12, 2016

Mike Landis - KY3

A November ballot measure could prevent certain types of new sales taxes from becoming a reality in the future. Whenever you buy a tangible object, you pay a sales tax on it. But, when you pay for a non tangible object (a service) you are not taxed on it. That goes for things like car repair services, haircuts, pizza deliveries. A group of business people want to keep it that way…

Group Holds Rally Against New Every Day Taxes

September 12, 2016

David Mesey - KTTS

A group against new taxes on services people use every day will hold a rally in Springfield on Monday. Amendment 4, The Taxpayer Protection Amendment, will stop new taxes on things like haircuts, daycare and medical services…

How Missouri's Amendment 4 in November impacts your wallet

September 12, 2016

Rachel Dubrovin - KSPR News

A monumental election is right around the corner, and Missourians will be voting on an issue that affects their wallets. Missouri’s Amendment Four would prevent state and city governments from putting new taxes on services you use regularly. “We feel that we’re already taxed enough, and it would impact us in a way that we would have pass those extra monies along our clients,” said Sandi Zwingle, Area Manager of Waco Title in Springfield. “We provide title insurance for people buying and selling their homes.” She says if Amendment four does not pass, that’s one of many services that’s at risk of being taxed in the future…

Rally Kicks Off Campaign For Taxpayer Protection Amendment

September 12, 2016

Jenifer Abreu - KOLR 10

The official campaign for Amendment 4 kicked off Monday in Springfield. It’s a state-wide effort to prevent the addition of sales taxes on everyday services across Missouri. Dozens showed up to the kick-off rally. Many of them local realtors. All of them with one goal in mind – keep legislators from adding sales tax to services in the state of Missouri. “A haircut, a day care, a veterinarian service for your pet, car repair. Rent is a service. All of these things add up,” said Scott Charton, spokesman for Missourians for Fair Taxation…

A tax on lawn care? Never, if Missourians vote to ban sales taxes on services

August 15, 2016

Jason Rosenbaum - St. Louis Radio Today

Missourians are slated to vote on a constitutional amendment that would ban sales taxes on services. Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander certified the measure, known as Amendment 4, last week for the Nov. 8 ballot…

Proposal banning “service” sales taxes to be on November ballot

August 10, 2016

Jason Taylor - Missourinet

An initiative petition to ban the Missouri legislature from imposing service sales taxes will go before voters this year. The measure is among several petitions certified Tuesday by the secretary of state’s office for the November ballot. Known as the Taxpayer Protection Amendment, it would prohibit taxes on any services provided to customers…

Organization Fighting to Protect Missourians Wallets

August 10, 2016

Callie Rainey - KOLR 10

“Missourians for Fair Taxation” wants to protect your pocketbooks with an amendment on the ballot this November. The taxpayer protection amendment will show up on the ballot as Constitution Amendment Four. It would prohibit the government from adding sales tax on services used daily…

Kander approves four of five initiative petitions for November ballot

August 9, 2016

Travis Zimpfer - The Missouri Times

Secretary of State Jason Kander certified four initiative petitions to become ballot issues voted on by the people of Missouri Nov. 8 on Tuesday. Three of the ballot measures are constitutional amendments, and one is a statutory amendment. The statutory amendment would increase tobacco and cigarette taxes to pay for transportation infrastructure improvements, and the summary statement says it is projected to raise roughly $100 million in revenue annually should it pass…

Taxpayer Protection Amendment On Ballot

August 9, 2016

John Thomas - 104.1 KSGF

You’ll have a chance to vote against new taxes in Missouri this November. Amendment 4 would put a stop to new taxes on a number of personal services. “Amendment 4 will protect taxpayers by constitutionally stopping a new sales tax on services that Missouri families use every day,” said Scott Charton, spokesman for Missourians for Fair Taxation, the statewide coalition pushing the measure. Missouri does not currently tax services, but there is a real threat…