A Message to Missouri Farmers:

Politicians and government bureaucrats are constantly looking for new sources of taxpayer dollars. Their newest target? Missouri family farmers. That is why we need to pass Amendment 4. There have been multiple attempts in just the past few years:

  • Last year the Department of Revenue began taxing the sale of agricultural equipment add-ons, like GPS and other accessories
  • Department of Revenue began imposing a sales tax on delivery services
  • New sales taxes placed on leases and rents have been imposed that could impact the price of everything from apartments to land and farm equipment

New sales taxes on services have been proposed in the last seven sessions of the Missouri General Assembly. Just this year, Missouri’s neighboring states of Oklahoma and Illinois have discussed taxing services. Other states, such as North Carolina and Washington State, have started imposing new sales taxes on services this year.


Farmers and other leading consumer advocacy groups in Missouri support Amendment 4, The Taxpayer Protection Amendment!